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Galveston : Just Like Ike

French director Mélanie Laurent just made her “first american movie” adapted from Nic Pizzolatto’s first novel. We had a coup de foudre for this film noir.

Norman Spinrad : “There is a difference between the religion of islam by itself and middle-eastern politics”

Norman Spinrad, author of Bug Jack Barron and The Iron Dream, among numerous other works, gave us the honor of an interview. A unique chance to talk about the core subject of his 30th novel, Osama the Gun.

Souvenir from 2008: Yes. We. Can.

As the U.S. prepare to choose a new leader, let’s look back a the video campaign that enchanted democrats, liberals and optimists around the world in 2008.

Into serious VR

Notes On Blindness – Into Darkness aired in Cannes 2016 as a VR experience into the loss of one and more senses.

Familiar things in Stranger Things

You call this homage, we call this plagiarism.

Stranger Things : Stand By Them

Netflix’s new series aims to reboot the 80’s as they were told by Spielberg.

Stromae against social networks

Ssnce Alors on danse, Stromae became for a part of the world, the new pop sensation. In is last video, dated 2015, the singer literally shits on social networks. With subtitles.

Where are you, O my brother

Our « short of the week of the month » comes for algerian director Yanis Koussim.

« Je suis Charlie » was a Spartacus moment

« Je suis Charlie » became the most shared picture and hashtag in the hours following the Paris attacks of January 7. Because of Kubrick

Half flesh, half computer, all consciousness

And here is the sci-fi short with the quality of a long Hollywood feature we promised you few months ago. It’s legal, it’s a bit weird, it’s Ethan Shaftel’s Flesh Computer.

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