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I’ve got a bad feeling about Star Wars VII

Yesterday, J.J. Abrams twitted a mini-teaser to show the world and Batman vs Superman director Zack Snyder how much humour he has. Since a few days the two titans enjoy themselves in a mashup competition before battling for ruling the galaxy box-office. But, as we could see previously in his director’s works, the whole sci-fi Abramsverse is

War, what is it good for? Psychiatry, absolutly

An ex-shrink became a documentarist to tell the story of the soldiersback from the First World War with an invisible illness : psychosis.

Ahoy Frances Ha!

Noah Baumbach’s Frances Ha is the hipster version of Woody Allen’s Annie Hall.

This Land Is Mined

Nina Paley’s cartoon about the conflict in Palestine and Israël was created in 2012. But the current bloodshed made it viral again.

Sherlock Holmes : a game of brokeback detectives

From Sherlock Holmes 2 : A Game of Shadow, a film surely by Gay Ritchie.

Sherlock Holmes 2 : A Gayme of Shadows, surely directed by Gay Ritchie.

What does it take to make a sequel? The same ingredients but double the dose, ad nauseum.

Bollywood’s indie dream came true

Lucia, The first crowdfunded indian movie in Kannada language has a plot and soul far away from the average western-american comedies. Not just a feel-good movie. Definitively a very-feel-good movie.

In limbo with Frankenstein

Subject Two has been screened in numerous festivals before disappearing in limbo. A film that you cannot see is a film that does not exist, that you cannot feel.

Hello/ Is it me/ you’re looking/ for?

The best definition of mashup is to describe it as Lionel Ritchie meeting Planet Of The Apes.

La isla not bonita

Another rare footage that the internet made not so rare : Isle of flowers, an essay-documentary that will make the viewer alternatively amused and uncomfortable, and then uncorfomagle.

La Classe américaine: a french classic

While Michel Hazanavicius triumphed in 2012 with The Artist, we all remembered, or not, that he was also the co-author of a hilarious mash-up comedy in the early 90’s starring John Wayne, Orson Welles, Paul Newman, Dustin Hoffman…

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