Since Alors on danse, Stromae became for a part of the world, the new pop sensation. In is last video, dated 2015, the singer literally shits on social networks. With subtitles.

Since his first big hit, « Where are you daddy », we just have been charged with a 3 years old niece who loops singing Papaoutai twelve a day, in fact a sad but dancing tune themed around the fail and absence of the father. The author’s real father has been killed during Rwanda Genocide in 1994. Buzually, Stroame, despite a real talent, gathered the attention by cliping a false drinking scene in the morning of Brussels, in candide camera mode. With this Carmen, this french Jacques Brel (lol) brutalizes social networks with image by Sylvain Chomet (the  director behind the depressive Triplettes de Belleville). Stromae denounces with brutal violence, the sweet violence Twitter or Facebook inflict us.

stromae carmen

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