Notes On Blindness – Into Darkness aired in Cannes 2016 as a VR experience into the loss of one and more senses.

1983. After several years of a slow descent, theologian and writer John Hull became blind. He has been recording on tape his whole experience. From this, producers got two fims. We are interested in the VR one, available for the moment only on Samsung GR Vear.

We are first confronted to total darkness. Until storm and rain take place. As a bat or a submarine, we see the environment by the sound reflected to us. Drops on ground, children running and laughing, the wind through the leafes. In the VR experience we gain back our senses but by loosing the very sense of the reality surrounding us. It is strange that this first « serious » movie in VR is about the loss of one sens. Anyway, it is like entering a movie theater, abandoning the real world outside.

Notes On Blindness – Into Darkness (VR). Text and voice: John Hull. Creative Direction: Arnaud Colinart, Amaury la  Burthe, Peter Middleton, James Spinney. Art Direction: Béatrice Lartigue, Fabien Togman, Arnaud Desjardin. Code: Thomas Couchard, Florent Dumas, Robin Picou. U.S.A. / France, 2016.

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