Subject Two has been screened in numerous festivals before disappearing in limbo around 2006. A film that you cannot see is a film that does not exist, that you cannot feel.

Distribution problems are solved now as you can find Philip Chidel‘s independant « horror » movie on various legal platforms in many countries. But his hero will stay in limbo, because he is a kind of Frankeinstein creature. Dying is forbidden to him. It all started with a scientist trying some unethical experiments on an idealist student freshly out of medical school. Stabbed, poisoned, strangled, and shot, Adam comes back from the death, each time more resilient but also less sensitive… to everything. The young student slowly becomes a ghost, even to himself. But he was just the second subject of the experiment…

Do not trust the trailer of Subject Two: it is not an action movie nor an horror flick. Chidel’s film is a thriller with the kind of psychological horror usually met in the works of Cronenberg and Kurosawa (former master of japan-horror). Unknown and limited cast in number, slowness and a few glimpses in the editing make Subject Two a more than honest one-shot TV show. You could only see it in on american screens in 2006 until it went global a few years ago. Viewers of all the world, have fun, legally.

Subject Two – a film written and directed by Philip Chidel, starring Christian Oliver, Dean Stapleton, Philip Chidel – USA, 2006.

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