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Pentagon(e) X Star Wars

« – Je suis venu chercher un grand guerrier. – Ohhh. Les guerres personne ne grandissent. »   « – I am looking for a great warrior. – Ohhh. Wars make not one great. »   Andy Marshall a.k.a. « Yoda », ex-conseiller du Pentagone – former Foreign Policy strategist (2014) X Star Wars, A New Hope (Lucas, 1977)

War, what is it good for? Psychiatry, absolutly

An ex-shrink became a documentarist to tell the story of the soldiersback from the First World War with an invisible illness : psychosis.

This Land Is Mined

Nina Paley’s cartoon about the conflict in Palestine and Israël was created in 2012. But the current bloodshed made it viral again.