Louis Augustin Le Prince (circa 1890).

The strange story of the first movie in History

There are only two seconds remaining of the first movie ever made and screened.

Roundhay Garden Scene is the work of Louis Augustin Le Prince, inventor of the single lens camera. In 1888, in London, 7 years before the Lumière Brothers, the french engineer creates the concept of what will be known as cinema : public screening of animated photographs (precisely : frames displayed at a certain rate, 12 per seconde, to give the illusion of animation). But to become the father of the 7th art, Augustin Le Prince must first become a legend. The 16th of september 1890, with some patents on him, he vanishes while travelling by train to Paris. Just like in a movie.

To read (in French) : Birth of cinema : 107 years and a crime… by Irénée Dembowski (La naissance du cinéma : cent sept ans et un crime… par Irénée Dembowski)

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