Souvenir from 2008: Yes. We. Can.

As the U.S. prepare to choose a new leader, let’s look back at the video campaign that enchanted democrats, liberals and optimists around the world in 2008.

« Yes we can » was edited and sounded from a real campaign speech of the 47 years young African American candidate Barack Obama., Scarlett Johansson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Eric Balfour, and many more stars feature and sing or rap parts of an original Obama speech. It was almost ten years ago. The issue is not about the contents or acts of the Obama administration. As french citizens, we are not completly aware of the good or the bad the democrats brought to America nor to its foreign policy and actions. However, we are not eager to watch such campaign from Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Because, you know, « Hope ».

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